Small Business Saturday 2019: Celebrate your business!

  • Do you wish your business was easier to find on Google?
  • Thinking of expanding your presence on Facebook or Instagram?
  • Not sure how to buy digital ads?

This Small Business Saturday could be your chance to take your business’ digital footprint from good to great!

What’s Small Business Saturday?

30 Sep 2019


No matter where you live – whether it’s a bustling downtown, a quiet village or somewhere in between – you know how vital small businesses are. They gave your neighbour their first job; they sponsor your kids’ soccer teams; they’re where everyone gathers to catch up and connect.

Small businesses don’t just support communities; they create them. This October, it’s time to celebrate our community builders.

26 Sep 2019
Having relocated temporarily to Kitchener-Waterloo for my studies, I was curious to experience everything the region had to offer!
13 Aug 2019
My wife and I recently decided to move from Markham, Ontario (a suburb of Toronto) back to our home city of Ottawa. Once the decision was made, we needed to inform our three boys. Our eldest, Charlie, was not impressed.
13 Aug 2019

Having moved from London, UK, to Toronto a year ago with our two year old, our biggest challenge was to decide where to live in Toronto as the city has so much to offer. Naturally, when we visited The Beaches there was no doubt in our minds that this was the perfect neighbourhood to live our Canadian adventure: the beach, the parks and the close-knit community. So a year later (time flies!) here are my family’s favourite places in The Beaches:

30 Jul 2019
Going to Vancouver is almost overwhelming – not that the city is too big, too loud, or hard to get around – there are just too many must-dos.
23 Jul 2019
If you haven’t escaped the rat race and taken a trip to Okanagan Wine Country, have you really escaped the rat race?
02 Jul 2019
It sometimes feels like half the GTA flies north for the summer, spending their weekends in Muskoka, Haliburton or the Kawarthas. Far fewer realize that about an hour west of Toronto, there’s a city with all the small-town charm and natural beauty of cottage country.
20 Jun 2019
Let me start off by being very transparent – I hate the cold, and even more than that, I hate snow. So, in February when my best friend asked me to visit her in Barrie, the city she now called home, I wasn’t too thrilled to oblige.
14 Jun 2019
Clean air. Calming green space. Cuddly animals. Fresh produce. Homemade baking. So many things to post on Instagram or Facebook when you visit a farm!
07 Jun 2019