5 reasons you should visit a farm today

5 reasons you should visit a farm today in Travel Tuesday

Clean air. Calming green space. Cuddly animals. Fresh produce. Homemade baking. So many things to post on Instagram or Facebook when you visit a farm! But, what is even better than posting are the five reasons visiting a farm should be on your to-do list this summer. For Easter weekend, I visited Springridge Farm in Milton, Ontario. This is an amazing retreat from the daily grind — having adorable animals, a year-round corn maze, pony rides, a spectacular gift shop and bakery, and much more! There was even a puppet show, which my 30 year old brother seemed to enjoy more than my two year old daughter!

There are many local farms like this across Canada, which offer an authentic farm experience for adults and children alike.

Here is why you should venture to a farm:

1. You will have fun! Playing with animals on the farm will bring out your inner child. Is that baby goat going to try to eat the food in your hand or your sleeve? It's a toss-up, but you will have a great moment with that furry friend! Want to see your child's eyes light up in their first moment riding a pony? Seeing through the eyes of kids (human or goat) as they play will bring moments of joy that you will cherish.

2. You will learn something new during your farm visit. Most of us are disconnected from agriculture - living in cities, buying our food from the supermarket. Like many Canadians, maybe you have never been on a farm. Visiting one can help you and your children learn and appreciate what we have and value the work Canadian farmers are doing across the country do to care for animals and produce all the tasty Canadian foods in your pantry.

3. You will be able to connect with your friends and family in new ways by connecting with farm animals and nature. Make new memories in a serene environment - picking berries, or apples. Have an experience together rather than spending another day streaming videos on TV.

4. A farm will give you an escape from your hectic life without needing to board a plane. Farms have a unique way of letting you live in the moment - it gets you moving, allows you to smell the grass, hear the rustle of the trees, chirp of a chick, or the whinny of a colt. Visiting a farm gives you an escape that is good for you - both physically and mentally.

5. You can feel good about purchasing local while getting a better experience! Many of these farms have fresh homemade food for sale or sell locally crafted gifts like goat soap! You will be supporting the local community and getting high-quality product in return. Feel good about what you eat and what you buy!

These are five great reasons you should visit a farm this summer. And of course, make sure to share your experiences, whether it is a selfie with a piglet, a picture of homemade berry pie that you are about to devour, or snap of a puppet show!