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1199084-apex-2.jpg#asset:34265APEX Indoor Cycling is Kingston’s first and only exclusive indoor cycling studio. Take one of their 26-45 minute interval-based cycling classes for an exhilarating, fun, calorie burning workout. Their certified indoor cycling instructors will pace you through ever changing cardio routines to the sounds and beats from a wide variety of music genres.

Jeff Farmer, owner APEX Indoor Cycling

APEX’s Indoor Cycling offers an inviting and non-intimidating studio atmosphere where people can feel comfortable while they experience one of the most rewarding cardio challenges in the fitness world today. If you are in the area drop by. You can also check out APEX Indoor Cycling’s profile on the Shop Small Biz website.

Matthew Couture is APEX Indoor Cycling’s CFIB representative. If you would like more information about CFIB or being profiled on the Shop Small Biz blog and you’re in the Kingston and surrounding area, please contact CFIB Matthew Couture at Matthew.Couture@cfib.ca. If you aren’t in the Kingston and surrounding area, please check out cfib.ca online or visit the Shop Small Biz directory, Canada’s only online directory that’s exclusive to small business and completely free to list.