Featured small biz – On Yogurt

Featured small biz – On Yogurt in Featured Small Biz

Mary and Joseph got their inspiration for On Yogurt following a trip to Thailand where a technique called “ice fried” is very popular for making ice cream. They decided to bring the technique to Canada but wanted a healthier alternative. After a lot of testing, and tasting and modifications, the perfect recipe for Ice Fried Yogurt & Yogurt Gelato was created. On Yogurt was founded in December 2015 in downtown Vancouver.

All the yogurt is organic, gluten-free and sourced from local organic farms in British Columbia. There is no oil or heat involved in the process. The ice fried machine reaches -35 degrees in seconds which turns the liquid into a solid instantly. On Yogurt makes it by hand right in front of you so you can taste the icy and crispy outer layer while inside remains soft and creamy.

Visit On Yogurt and taste the pure freshness. It's so good and different!

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