Five Favourite Spots for a Family Vacation in Quebec

Five Favourite Spots for a Family Vacation in Quebec in Travel Tuesday

Travelling with young children (18 months and 4 years in my case), it is not always easy. Children need to play, run, jump, and scream.Here are five places in Quebec that the whole family loved.

Imaginarius: Do your children mimic your every move? Then this is the perfect place! Eight rooms; each one representing a different job, where the kids get to try them out. . From working on the farm to being a hairdresser, to running a restaurant, children can have fun for hours. My kids especially liked the market, where they could do groceries and use the cash register. There is also a corner reserved for infants with a ball pit and games adapted for just for them.

The Aquarium: My kids love the Finding Nemo movie. They were amazed by Nemo, Doris, Mr. Ray, and company. This is a magical place where childrens eyes get bigger and bigger! The spherical aquarium and the room with the colour changing jellyfish are beautiful. The new Polar Bear also pleased young and old.

La Baie de Beauport and the Bûche glacée: What child doesn’t like to play in the water and the sand? If you go to the Baie de Beauport, you must taste the ice cream from the Bûche glacée which is prepared in front of you. A delight for the eyes and taste buds.

The Pat Rétro: Because when we’re on vacation we can afford to eat a little less healthy, this snack bar which brings us back to the 1950s is worth the detour. And of course we must leave room for dessert, which we had at Crime Puff, the creamery located in the basement. My kids enjoyed the sundae bar, and parents are not left out as evidenced by my sucre à crème sundae! Yum!

The Crackpot Café: a ceramic painting workshop combined with a café-restaurant. This is the place for budding artists. I will definitely go back when my kids are a little older so we can let our creativity soar. This time, I just tasted one of their excellent coffees and brought back a souvenir from someone who obviously has a lot more talent than me!


Mélanie Raymond has been a Public Relations and Public Affairs advisor at CFIB since December 2017. She holds a Bachelor's degree in communication, writing and multimedia from the University of Sherbrooke. Mother of two young children, she enjoys tennis and swimming and is always ready to discover new TV series.