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7ca4ef6c-116c-4f2b-b2a0-709299f96227_0.jBeyond the Grape provides customers with one of the most unique and enjoyable wine bottling experiences in the world and never stops trying to make things better.

7ca4ef6c-116c-4f2b-b2a0-709299f96227_1.jThey use the high grade synthetic corks, quality peel & stick labels, four head bottle fillers, automatic corkers, automatic bottle sanitizer and most importantly award winning wine kits. Plus, Beyond the Grape offers exceptional customer service and many years of experience. They enjoy sharing their experience with the home wine, beer, cider & mead makers and carry a full line up of equipment and supplies to assist in producing the best fermented beverages at home. For the at home craft brewers their beer products are awarding winning. They even rent brewing space.

All these things coupled with Beyond the Grape's beautiful location at 3030 St. Johns Street, Port Moody and high level of cleanliness makes them a place you can feel proud to make your wine at.

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New Customers get $15 off any wine kit of their choice!!! For more details about our Small Biz of the Week visit Shop Small Biz.