Travel Tuesday: Galito’s Chicken – the perfect Toronto-to-Guelph pit stop

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My husband and I set out on a lovely Saturday afternoon to visit some friends in Guelph. They had just bought a new home AND a giant sofa that they claimed would easily sleep two. Obviously, we needed to check out this magical sofa and test their honesty.

Along the route to Guelph, we stopped for an emergency sandwich.

Yes, you read that correctly: an EMERGENCY sandwich.

If you have a spouse who gets grumpy from hunger, you’ll totally understand that consistent feedings are the glue that holds your relationship together.

We needed something quick so we could get back on the road again and arrive at our friends’ house at an appropriate time. We could have participated in the typical road trip ritual of rolling into the drive-through of the first recognizable fast food chain that catches your eye. Instead, we decided to try out somewhere new.

We detoured off the 401 via exit 324 and followed James Snow Parkway for just a couple of minutes. This is where we found a chicken joint called Galito’s.

Galito's is a franchise with several locations in Africa but only one or two here in Canada. So of course we want to see what all of the fuss is about on the other side of the Atlantic!

My husband ordered a spicy chicken sandwich (they had three options: mild, spicy and extra spicy). It was fast, cheap and, most importantly, delicious! I snagged a few of his fries and wow, they were great. So good, in fact, that I didn’t wish I had my standard side of gravy, or even ketchup.

galitos-chicken-sandwich.jpg#asset:34430So if you are travelling between Toronto and Guelph, or you’re in Milton for any other reason, I highly recommend that you support a local business owner while eating a fast and delicious meal! Here’s the info:

Galito’s Chicken

81 James Snow Pkwy Milton, ON, L9T 0R3

905-875-0033 (yes, they deliver, and it’s free on orders over $30)


Oh, and btw, is this what they meant when they said the sofa fits two - my husband and their two year old?

2-to-a-sofa.jpg#asset:34429Just kidding, the sofa was SUPER comfy. I’m ending on that because I know you were just dying to know.