Travel Tuesday: The Best Ottawa Staycation!

Travel Tuesday: The Best Ottawa Staycation! in Travel Tuesday

A great vacation doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money or travel time and here are some of my recommendations for how you can have the best Ottawa Staycation this summer!

1. Make time to visit your favourite coffee shop

Equator Coffee is definitely one of Ottawa’s better coffee houses. Locally roasted, sustainably sourced, organic, and fair traded coffee brewed by artists. This place is not only looks modern and has a hip vibe, but has a great amount of seating! Oh, did I mention this place has gluten free and vegan dessert options? I like to sip my Chai or Flat White in my plaid sweater and people watch.

2. Enjoy some eats

Bap by Raon Kitchen: Wondering where to go for lunch downtown? Bap by Raon Kitchen is a great small hidden gem on Laurier between Metcalfe and Elgin Street. This little shop is tucked in beside The Gillian Building and is not only affordable, but simple and clean food. The business started with two farmers’ markets in Ottawa, July 2012. It then grew into a food truck and then a shop where value is put into healthy and sustainable food with the aim of being Raon ([ra:on] means ‘greatly pleasing, enjoyable and cheerful’ in pure Korean). Come here for Bibimbap or bring some Korean comfort home with you!

House of Targ: Love arcades, perogies, and music? This underground gem covers it all! Order some perogies, and watch the open kitchen make them from scratch. Then go play some classic arcade games like pinball, Mario & Luigi, and Turbo. A scratchy rumbling of your name will announce that your perogies are ready and you’ll be able to enjoy the on a two-player Pac Man table. Stick around till 9pm and experience the live band of the night perform.

3. Find a beach and some ice cream

The Beachconers: I spotted this little gem right off the bike path to Britannia Beach, and it is now my favourite ice cream spot in Ottawa. They sell small batch ice cream, and their new and inventive flavours change weekly! You may be hesitant to try some of these wild flavours (i.e. the Budweiser and Bacon) but these will leave you feeling astonished, nostalgic, and even wanting more.Playing at the beach, enjoying some rhubarb crumble ice cream, and watching the sun set, definitely makes for a perfect day.

4. Grab a few pints with friends

The Carleton Tavern: Established in 1935 this local dive bar has a pool table, 8 TVs, cheap and great food and drinks! I definitely had trouble deciding what I wanted... delicious Montreal smoked meat or Montreal Jumbo hotdogs?! Every night of the week there are a few things happening at this bar: dancing, sports viewings, and live bands. They do it all!

5. Take some time to feed the ducks

Any duck lovers out there? During summer there are a couple great spots around Billings Bridge and Mooney’s Bay where you can go by the water and see birds. Go buy some bird feed (we got ours at the bulk barn a block away) and go say “hi” to the many ducks along the Rideau River!


Rachel Ng is a bilingual Small Business Advisor with the Canadian Federation of Independent Business. Born in Vancouver, she is a minimalist adventurer who loves the beauty of nature and has a passion for traditional and contemporary events, activities and, of course, food. Since she has moved to Ottawa, where she completed her Bachelors in Economics, Rachel’s recent hobbies are playing board games, badminton, ultimate Frisbee and decorating cakes.