Jakeman's Maple Products

Products Jakeman’s Maple Farm since 1876. “Canada’s best tasting maple syrup” in blind taste tests. (National Post) Natures Maple Syrup with the taste, quality and innovation! Maple syrup; sugar; spread; cookies; candies; coffee; tea; shortbread; infused with icewine. Sold in fine shops & Food Markets across Canada! Practices Established in 1876, Jakeman’s are acclaimed as “Canada’s best tasting maple syrup” by the National Post. All Maple Products are pure and natural. Certified by the Government of Canada, we are one of a few maple syrup bottlers and confectioners that actually produce maple syrup from start to finish. We know what goes into every container we fill. With a strong focus on premium products, we continue our objectives to build long term partnerships worldwide.

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