Lingerie DEBra

DEBra Lingerie is a unique Bra-Fitting lingerie boutique in the west-end of Montreal. They have 2 main objectives: 1) To educate all women on their proper size of bra. 2) To offer fashionable, supportive and comfortable bras to women who wear a cup size of D-JJ. The Bra-Fit Specialists at DEBra Lingerie offer personalized Bra-Fittings and excellent customer service. Their job is to take the stress out of bra-shopping and educate their customers about proper Bra-Fit. The boutique also understands the specific challenges, needs and specialty products for women who wear a larger cup size. Their suppliers have been selectively chosen to provide a wide range of inventory for the D+ cup woman. DEBra Lingerie offers bras in band sizes of 28-52 and cup sizes of D-JJ.

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