Markland Specialty Engineering Ltd.

305 Armstrong Avenue Unit 9, Georgetown, ON, L7G4X6

Markland Specialty Eng. been designing & manufacturing process control instrumentation for the water & wastewater industry since 1967. The Model 602 Sludge Depth Meter is used in Clarifiers, Lamellas, DAF’s, and all processes involving the need to detect an interface in liquid. The Model 10 Sludge Level Detector is a portable version for spot checking interface levels in clarifiers, lagoons or ponds. It is a simple and easy device to use & maintain. The Model 502 Suspended Solids Meter is used to measure the concentration of sludges & slurries. It can be supplied as an inline Spoolpiece or a throw-in style of probe. It is often used to measure primary & secondary sludge and process slurries. No permits are necessary to use this meter. The Duckbill Sampler uses compressed air to move the sample. This means low maintenance & simple operation. It is non-freezing. This sampler is inherently explosion proof and can lift samples 60 feet vertically &100 feet horizontally.

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