On Yogurt

On Yogurt, a fresh store in Downtown Vancouver (95 Smithe St) offering Handmade Organic Yogurt with more than 40 toppings. Come and have a full spoon of our Canada’s first "ICE FRIED" Yogurt & Yogurt Gelato! Waffles, Sandwiches, Bubble Tea, Yogurt Shake & lots more! All our yogurt selection is organic and gluten-free, sourced from a local organic farm in BC. It's called Ice Fried, but actually there is no oil or heat involved, just flash frozen. The ice fried machine will reach -35oC in seconds, and turn liquids into a solid state instantly, which will create our unprecedented dessert. We freshly make every order in front of you, so you can watch this cool and fun process. The iced fried yogurt or yogurt gelato you have has the pure freshness. Because we do it by hand, you can taste the icy and crispy outer layer and the inside will still be soft and creamy. It's so good and different! www.OnYogurt.com

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If you love yogurt, in all its forms (like I do), you have reached yogurt HEAVEN

brolfe on October 20, 2016

Toppings for days. It's organic (which is HUGE in the dairy industry), it's fresh, it's flavourful, and once you try the Ice Fried, you'll never complete another date without it ;) The staff is always friendly, smiling and helpful and no matter how busy it is, I'm always in and out before I know it. Not a week goes by that I don't run in for a quik Yo on the go! You haven't tried yogurt until you've tried On :)