Zayat Aroma Inc.

ZAYAT litterally means to “the one who produces oils” in Arabic. ZAYAT AROMA is a family entreprise devoted to providing the very finest essential oils to the world. The combination of our family name ZAYAT with AROMA reflects our sincere engagement to provide the very finest, most authentic aromatic products and services from all corners of the Earth. Born in Egypt, Mikaël, Alchemist in Esssence, is a producer of aromatic essences and the creator of numerous aromatic synergies which are now used worldwide. He is a world renowned expert and pioneer in the field of holistic aromatherapy. Eloï A. Zayat created the company Zayat Aroma on september 21st, 2011, international Day of Peace. Father and son united to offer the best from a great tradition of 100% pure, natural & authentic essences, oils and perfumes. Our clientèle goes from wholesale, cosmetic, perfumery, spa, hotel, artist, healthcare professional, aromatherapy on top of individual users all around the globe.

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