Buttery Brioche - Double the Fun

Buttery Brioche - Double the Fun in Mayfield, PE

Did you know....

  1. When Marie Antoinette said "Let them eat cake", she was actually referring to buttery rich brioche bread!
  2. Brioche knitting was inspired by the fabric on large Moroccan ottomans that were shaped like loaves of brioche!

Brioche knitting creates a cushiony, reversible fabric that is actually easier to knit if you use 2 colours!

Double your fun during this 2.5-hour experience. You'll learn how easy it is to knit a 2-colour brioche stitch. You'll start off knitting a two-colour brioche sample piece on a pair of double-pointed needles. Then you'll set aside the needles to sample some freshly baked brioche bread, straight from our farmhouse kitchen. We'll share with you our secrets to making your own loaf of brioche. With your mind refreshed, you'll build on your new-found brioche stitch skills to learn how to knit the brioche stitch in the round.

And - to inspire you to create your own brioche, you'll leave with our Knit Pickers Brioche Cowl pattern, 2 skeins of organically dyed Fleece & Harmony wool in your choice of colours, and our very own family recipe for buttery herb and parmesan brioche bread.

Price: $75.00 (+HST) per person. Have your own double-pointed needles? Bring them along! If not - we have, available to purchase, a lovely selection of birch needles, handcrafted in Atlantic Canada.

**Note: Basic knitting skills (how to knit and purl stitches) are required.