Celebrate your community-builders on Small Business Saturday!

Celebrate your community-builders on Small Business Saturday!


No matter where you live – whether it’s a bustling downtown, a quiet village or somewhere in between – you know how vital small businesses are. They gave your neighbour their first job; they sponsor your kids’ soccer teams; they’re where everyone gathers to catch up and connect.

Small businesses don’t just support communities; they create them. This October, it’s time to celebrate our community builders.

October 26 is Small Biz Saturday!

As a consumer and a Canadian, you’re invited to celebrate the entrepreneurs who contribute so much to their towns and cities.

  • The restaurant owners whose brunches have changed our weekends.
  • The hardware stores that have let us turn our houses into homes.
  • The artisans whose talent and creativity have livened up our neighbourhoods.

Let's celebrate those who play such an important role in our communities!

On October 26, visit your local businesses! Help us spread the word about why it’s so important to shop small by sharing your experiences on social media, using the hashtag #SmallBizSaturday.

Find small businesses in your area.