Travel Tuesday: Barry’s Bay, a great weekend getaway!

Travel Tuesday: Barry’s Bay, a great weekend getaway!

If you ever get the chance to go to Barry’s Bay, Ontario, it is well worth the trip. I recently had the pleasant experience of planning a weekend away with our neighbors and their children and in-laws to Barrys Bay, Ontario with our UTVs. For those that don’t know, a UTV is a utility terrain vehicle, much like an ATV with two seats in it.

Our arrival

We arrived at Bevaline Cottages on Trout Lake just after noon on the Thursday. The view from the cottage overlooked Trout Lake. The inside of our cottage was all pine with a wooden log beam on the ceiling. It was neat and very clean. We made lunch and headed off on the trails.

Make it a group trip

There were 13 of us so we made quite a procession. The plan was to go as far as Whitney, circle around and come back. My husband used his GPS so was able to flag the cutoff on our return. Needless to say, we went a little further than we anticipated, and ended up coming back in the dark. On the way home it started to rain and we, with no windshield on our machine, got soaked. We each made dinner in our cabins and got together in one cabin for an evening of fun and games afterward.

More joys of UTV

On day two we set off on the aggressive trails at about 9:00 a.m. I had no idea those little machines could easily travel uphill, downhill, over rocks, through deep water and then navigate the straight trails at high speeds. We travelled about 80 kilometres on the trail and then trouble began. One of the ATV’s muffler blew apart and the heat set fire to the seat on the machine. Another one of the ATV’s lost it’s rear wheel bearings and had to be towed out of the bush to a nearby fuel station. Two of us driving UTVs had to return to Barrys Bay to get trucks with trailers to carry the disabled ATVs back to our home base.

You got try Ash Grove Inn & Restaurant

On the second evening we went out for dinner at the Ash Grove Inn & Restaurant in Barrys Bay. The food was delicious. Most of us had the Chicken Club Mac & Cheese. Those that didn’t had the Schnitzel. Everyone raved about the food.

Always time for shopping!

On the third day it rained and we decided not to go out on the trails. Instead we opted for shopping in Town. We went to Grumblin Granny’s where I bought a top and we went to Mad Outdoors, a local shop where one can purchase outdoor clothing. I bought a pair of rain pants. It rained on the first day while we were in the UTV and did I mention, I got soaked.

Everything is Polish in Barrys Bay. On the third evening we went back to the Ash Grove Inn for dinner and I had Polish Poutine. That’s poutine with bacon and onions. Everyone else had fish & chips. The food was delicious again.

Back on the UTV

On the fourth day there, thankfully was no rain. We went out on the local rail trails, those are the trails without the rocks and I got to drive. I maintained a speed of 70 km. an hour for the most part. My neighbor Patty Croft and I raced each other on the trails for about two hours, then it was time to go home.

Highly recommend

If you ever get the chance to go to Barrys Bay I’d highly recommend Bevaline Cottages, the Ash Grove Inn & Restaurant, Grumblin Granny’s and Mad Outdoors.

Oh and if you are adventurous, get yourself a UTV!


Nancy Forsyth is a Business Counsellor and has been with the CFIB for 29 years. Nancy holds a certificate in Small Business Counselling with APEC. She spends her weekends riding the trails of North Eastern Ontario in her UTV.