Small Businesses Make a Difference

Why should we encourage SMEs?

Small business owners represent the best of the Canadian spirit – they’re entrepreneurs, innovators, job creators and an integral part of our communities. From coast to coast to coast, Canadian small businesses help drive local economies and keep our communities strong.

Even so, small businesses don’t always have an easy time of it. Every day they have to deal with enough invasive red tape to fill a recycling bin – and then some – plus exorbitant taxes and stifling operating cost! However, this situation doesn’t stop SME owners and employees from putting in long hours and working devotedly.


Why do they do it?

Because they believe in their business and do whatever is required to offer the best products and services possible.

A small business is something of a glorious dream that becomes a concrete project – a project that works for the benefit of the entire community. Just think about that little clothing shop that always has the original item you need; or your accountant who finds the time for a last-minute appointment in late April; or the mechanic who calls you by your first name as soon as you step into the garage.


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